Monday, June 10, 2013

JUNE 2013

Salute to Dads!
There are so many things that dads bring to families, including some of the following from my favorite "dad" picture book... 

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About This Book:  There are lots of things that regular people can do but dads can't.  Dads can't cross the street without holding hands.  They can push, but can't swing.  When dads play hide-and-seek they always get found, but they have a hard time finding you.  Dads really need to be kissed good night at bedtime.  It's a wonder they make it through life at all!

I have to share an amazing father that I found while searching for some fun, creative ideas for my students.  Not only did we have a blast with these creations in class, I began designing them for my own son.  Take a look at the following video for inspiration as well!


At our home,  one of our favorite "dad" traditions is from the grill-master himself.  My husband makes our summer memorable with everything from mesquite steaks to pizza!  This may be the case in your home, too!  For those outdoor chefs, try our beautiful bamboo cutting board.  Sending a personalized Fathers' Day wish, complete with bbq accessories, and a gift certificate for his favorite meat palace, is a perfect token of love for those important men in your life!

As an accompaniment to your next outdoor feast, try our family's go-to baked beans (cooked to perfection in your bean pot!)

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