Monday, December 9, 2013


A Season of Farewell...

Ours is a society of pace.  Amongst the festivity and magic of the holiday season, with Christmas but two weeks away, I've already heard the call to the New Year.  As busy women, I'm sure you also feel this sense of "urgency"!  Now, more than ever, is the time to...

Remember that the beauty of this season lies in the hope of a child, just simply, being here.  The greatest gift YOU can give yourself and others is that of truly "being here" with time, laughter, and love.  May you revel in that spirit all your days!   With this anticipation of new beginnings, I hope you are dreaming from your heart, exploring new adventures, and constructing lofty goals for yourself.  No one really needs to lose weight...that's why clothes come in larger sizes! : )  But we do long for purpose in order to live joyfully each and every day.   As for me, I will be closing my Celebrating Home business this month and seeking new endeavors.  It has been a journey of faith, pushing my confidence, finding a creative voice to share.  Without the support and encouragement I have found in you, my reality would have been frustration and defeat.  Please accept my humble and heartfelt thanks!  May I have returned even a small portion of your generosity through our time together!

As I close this final post, I'd like to forward a link to an inspirational site I've found.  It is called Brave Girls Club and I love their motto, "let's be good to each other!"  May it boost your spirits and motivate you to live boldly.   Blessings always!

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