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MAY 2013

I hope all of you had a joyous celebration this past Mothers' Day!  For me, this holiday has always seemed unique, personal...there's just nobody like your mom!  As I've gotten older, and life has taken those special, inspirational women from my life...grandma, mom and mother-in-law, I've realized that there has always been more to this time of year.  It's about the caring in good times and bad; the familiar companionship of an ordinary conversation as well as a life changing heart-to-heart; it's the perfect timing for a kind word, hug, or chocolate indulgence; it's wisdom, laughter, tears, faith, strength - in a word, it's love.  When you think about it that way, you too are blessed with many exceptional women in life!  "There are the families that we are born into, and there are the families that we choose; our circle of friends. While their faces may change over the course of our lives, the joy they bring us remains constant.” Anonymous

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Here are some thoughts on ways to give back to those amazing women in your life:
Vintage Wall Photo Frame
~ I love to keep the wonderful photo cards I receive from friends and family at Christmas.  Returning them in a stunning frame is a great keepsake of those who are close in heart.  Instead of framing, I sometimes choose fun photo holders.  Currently there's a beautiful vintage ivory one in our Treasure Chest  that is super versatile, and only $11.00!  Check out the following ideas...

*Wedding Shower - attach black and white wedding photos of family members in addition to handwritten sentiments of love and well-wishes with wedding colored satin or organdy ribbon
*Gift Card Holder - gift cards easily nestle within the wire coils and provide a lovely reminder of your thoughtfulness long after the money is spent
*Garden Inspiration - use twine, string, or raffia to tuck in fun seed packets.  A favorite of mine since my son was a toddler is "son" annual tradition that continues to this day!
*Feed the Body - treasured recipes and recipe cards (even with links to your most coveted Pinterest delights!) are a treat for those astounding cooks, bakers, and chefs
*Feed the Soul - quotes, Bible verses, words of encouragement, goal setting cards all inspire in style

Veranda Home pictured
 ~ I can't say enough about my obsession with dishes and pottery!  In my dream kitchen, I'd have tons of storage for dish sets fitting every occasion and season...whew!!  Our Celebrating Home line is outstanding quality and durability, as well as a beautiful addition to your own collection.  Keep in mind, especially for gifting, you can craft a handwritten message on our pottery pieces with a dry erase marker (washes off with soap and water!)

~ For lighting up our life, candles seem to be a girl's second, best friend.  During May, our new Penelope Ann line of candles are on sale for $7.50! These are 8 oz., palm candles which come in their own decorator box ready to gift! 
Try them all: Azalea, Sage & Citrus, Coconut & Pineapple, Mango Peach, Royal Cinnamon, Morning Forest

~ For so many of us, getting our hands in the dirt and nurturing something beautiful is the reward of spring and summer.  Be it garden or patio, these are my winners for the outdoor enthusiasts in your life:
Peace, Love, Prayer Plaques
Rejoice Yard Stake
Garden Frog Family
Quick-Craft-->  For adding that finishing touch or gift tag, look to paint chips at your local hardware store.  Cut into leaf, caterpillar, butterfly, or floral shapes and attach to natural elements from your garden...too cute!

~ Finally, for spoiling others or yourself, check out the Penelope Ann "FAB AND FREE" promotion going on right now!  Who doesn't love a GREAT SALE?!

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