Monday, February 18, 2013


This is the time of year when the icy grip of winter just begins to thaw, and brings with it, the hope of spring.  Amidst these changing days we decorate February with candy hearts and red construction paper cards of affection.  To these traditions, I present ideas, sentiments, and products to add to your families' festivities - Enjoy!

I love NOSTALGIA...earlier this year I was blessed to attend a dear friend's 25th wedding anniversary.  What a joyous occasion to reflect on times past, as well as hope for the future!  In fact, it inspired me to dust off those wedding videos, and pour through scrapbooks of treasured memories.  I was even more thrilled that this fall we had chosen to make some new memories with family special occasion required!  I am happy to recommend a talented photographer and friend, MICHELE FEELEY,    

She does an amazing job capturing the beauty and bond of family!  Her artistry coupled with my new favorite addiction, (also available through Costco), brought our holiday cards to a new level of creativity I could never have done alone!

PRODUCT MATCH:  keep those scrapbooks nestled tidily in our SEAGRASS BLANKET BASKET.  Just the right size and look for $19.75 (Super Bonus Buy)!


I love GO RED FOR WOMEN...not only is this the month of Valentine's hearts, it's the American Heart Association's annual stand against heart disease in women, building healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.  We are so good about doing for others, but how do we help ourselves?  In an effort to live healthier (beyond the resolutions of January 1, that is!) I've found some healthy options to share.  Greek is the new standard in yogurt, and HEALTHY CHOICE GREEK FROZEN YOGURT (vanilla is my favorite) really tastes like a treat even though it's a mere 100 calories per serving!  Green tea has also been aligned with a great many health benefits, but I've finally found one I LOVE drinking - SUNRIDER CALLI TEA (my choices are mint or cinnamon).  It's a great relaxer after a busy mom/work day!  I hate to admit it, but growing up, I used to think that anything related to garbanzo beans/chickpeas were just a waxy "surprise" that your grandmother tried to sneak into family reunion salads.  I've had to literally eat my words with my new-found love of HUMMUS.  As an accompaniment to veggies, whole-grain crackers, or even a substitute for mayo on sandwiches/'s a low calorie, nutrient rich delight that comes in a variety of flavors.

PRODUCT MATCH:  Healthy eating made easy with our VERANDA DIVIDED TRAY & METAL STAND ($19.75 Super Bonus Buy) and this month's CUSTOMER SPECIAL; BEAN POTS, CASSEROLES, & SERVING BOWLS just $29 each!  Add our new COVERFLEX LIDS for food storage in the fridge, or FREEZER - dishwasher safe, too - (set of 3, $24)

I love FAMILY TIME...for me, coming home means cozying up our space with heartfelt touches of warmth and love.  Even though daylight is lingering, candles are a must...and why not add a sentimental song this time of year as well?  Think "Home" by Phillip Phillips, "When the Right One Comes Along" from the cast of Nashville, anything Norah Jones, the oldie "At Last" by Etta James, or my favorite "mom" songs, "Godspeed (Sweet Dreams)" by the Dixie Chicks and "Forever Young" by Rod Stewart.  Finally, beyond shopping lists and family schedules, chalkboards are a great way to share encouraging words and children's artwork; nothing says love quite like it!!

PRODUCT MATCH:  GRATITUDE TREE & HANGING LIGHTS are perfect now and easily move outdoors for warm weather entertaining.  Try the seasonal scents of RASPBERRY LEMONADE, STRAWBERRIES & CREAM, and PINEAPPLE ICE...yum!  Use WET ERASE MARKERS on our MESSAGE CENTRAL CHALKBOARD or CHALKBOARD PHOTO FRAME for the rustic chalk look without the chalk mess.

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